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by Earth CBD Oil Staff


About us Groovy Earth Folks!

Welcome to our humble and groovy website, and thank you for visiting. We want to educate our visitors about CBD Oil and its wonderful medicinal properties! Earth CBD Oil is being produced lovingly by a Crystal Shaman who resides in Colorado. He is an expert at utilizing cannabis in a spiritual way, and knowing which crystals to use that honors the “Marijuana Goddess” plant. These special hemp plants have been grown with much love and compassion, and all organic components. We are the sole distributor of this wonderful healing oil and it’s now available through our website. If you have any questions, Jolie (pictured below) will gladly help you via our contact page. She is an author of a book “Born Open“, and you can learn more about her at her website. Have a blessed and wonderful day! ❤

Jolie Rice, Earth CBD Oil

Jolie Rice, Earth CBD Oil